We offer a variety of products to protect all types of docks and boats.



The ultimate in protection systems. No need for fenders any more! This revolutionary design incorporates a soft expanded foam core surrounded by U.V. Stabilized integral polyurethane skin foam. This creates the softest but most durable bumper you can treat your boat to. A molded in backer allows strong secure mounting. Unique male and female sockets at the ends make joining the pieces a snap for a seamless look. Connect DocKushion lengths end-to-end for long runs. End caps and corners complete your system for a professional, clean looking job.



The profile DocKushion Large modular bumper system is ideal for numerous applications. It has a 2"H x 4"W profile.

Connect DocKushion lengths end-to-end for long runs. End caps and corners complete your system for a professional, clean looking job.

Part No. Description
1150-F 48" Large DocKushion, PUR, Foam
1151-F 9" Large DocKorner, PUR, Foam
1152-F 2" Large DocKap, PUR, Foam


Identical in construction and performance to the Large DocKushion, the DocKushion Small modular bumper system is ideal for lighter duty applications. It has a 1.5"H x 2.5"W profile.

Connect DocKushion lengths end-to-end for long runs. End caps and corners complete your system for a professional, clean looking job.

Part No. Description
1153-F 48" Small DocKushion, PUR, Foam
1154-F 5.5" Small DocKorner, PUR, Foam
1155-F 1.25" Small DocKap, PUR, Foam, (2 pcs)



Stainless steel will prevent unsightly staining caused by rusting or regular steel fasteners. Recommended for use with all profiles. Robertson driver bit included.

Part No. Description
1006-F Stainless Steel Mounting Screws & Driver, (100 Pc/Pk)




This extruded U.V. Stabilized polyethylene foam bumper is contoured at the back so it can be mounted both horizontally on your dock or vertically on pilings. The beveled edge helps deflect your boat fenders so they do not catch under the profile. The light grey colour matches up with the natural color of weathered wood.

Stainless steel screws and washers included.

Part No. Description
1007-F 48" Boat Shield, PE, Grey, (c/w S.S. Screws)


Developed specifically for AIR CUSHION spot protection. It's like having a fender mounted just where you need one the most. Order several for complete protection. Can be mounted vertically or horizontally on docks, pilings or boat houses. Combine with other DockEdge+ high quality profiles for total protection.

Part No. Description
1005-F 24" Boat Saver, PVC, White, (c/w S.S. Screws)
1005-N-F 24" Boat Saver, PVC, Navy Blue, (c/w S.S. Screws)


This bumper is manufactured from the same quality material as our Dolphin Boat Fenders and offers the ultimate in cushioning of impacts from your boat. Molded-in ribs on the interior of the UltraGard ensure it is very soft, but durable and will not collapse. The back has a slight radius allowing for easy mounting on pilings as well.

Part No. Description
1008-F 35" UltraGard, PVC, White
1008-B-F 35" UltraGard, PVC, Black


These heavy duty bumpers are manufactured from PVC with UV inhibitors and fungicides. They have excellent shock absorption qualities and will not mark or mar the hull of your boat. The ProTect Corner and Straight Bumpers also have many industrial applications where cushioning and protection is required.

Part No. Description
1058-F 12" ProTect, Straight, Heavy Duty, PVC, White
1059-F 8" ProTect, Corner, Heavy Duty, PVC, White


These large, durable bumpers add an attractive and functionally rugged cushion to the leg pipes of your docking system. Fabricated from the same quality material as our Dolphin™ fenders, each weighs a rugged 2.7 lb. and measures 18" tall with a diameter of 5". Place them on dock leg pipes over the mounting brackets to prevent damaging your watercraft from protruding bolts.

Part No. Description
91-104-F 18" Torpedo Bumper, PVC, Navy Blue
91-110-F 18" Torpedo Bumper, PVC, White
91-113-F 18" Torpedo Bumper, PVC, Royal Blue
91-114-F 18" Torpedo Bumper, PVC, Beige
91-117-F 18" Torpedo Bumper, PVC, Grey
91-118-F 18" Torpedo Bumper, PVC, Black


Ideal for commercial and marina applications, these heavy duty roto-molded bumpers are fabricated to be permanently secured in place. Designed to protect the lower bow and anywhere you install the bumper. It has grooves which act as reinforcing ribs and can be used for temporary strapping in places where fastening isn't allowed. Fabricated with UV inhibitors and fungicides. Includes screw-in inflation valve.

Part No. Description
73-071-F 35" Oceanus Bumper, White
73-079-F 35" Oceanus Bumper, Navy Blue




The ultimate in heavy impact protection

Rugged, air filled heavy-wall molded PVC & integral inflation valve

Angled ends to deflect craft

Use Straight bumpers in pairs to form inside corners

Excellent gunnel protection

Part No. Description
1060-W-F 7" x 16" DockSide™ Dock Bumper, White
1062-W-F 8.5" x 24" DockSide™ Dock Bumper, White
1064-W-F 12" x 12" DockSide™ Dock Bumper Corner, White




This roto-molded bumper kit is fabricated from soft vinyl with UV Inhibitors and Fungicides. Each piece has angled ends to deflect craft and molded-in ribs for additional strength. The contours of each piece protects above as well as the dock face, providing excellent gunnel protection for bass and ski boats. Mounts easily in minutes and is suitable for all applications.

Part No. Description
73-100-F Dock Bumper Kit - includes (1) 10" Corner and (2) 17" Straight, White
73-103-F Dock Bumper Corner - 10" (Purchased separately)
73-106-F Dock Bumper Straight - 17" (Purchased separately)




Protect your vessel from damaging impact with dock corners. This air-filled bumper is constructed from nylon reinforced vinyl and features a built-in air valve for inflation or deflation if necessary.

Part No. Description
1057-1-F 9" x 9" Corner Bumper, White
1057-B-F 9" x 9" Corner Bumper, Beige
1057-E-F 9" x 9" Corner Bumper, Black
1057-G-F 9" x 9" Corner Bumper, Grey
1057-N-F 9" x 9" Corner Bumper, Navy Blue


9", 12" & 18" Smooth rolling wheels offer substantial dock cushioning and feature molded-in valves to adjust the level of firmness. Heavy-duty hot dipped galvanized hardware mounts securely to the dock. Guides boats into your slip easily, regardless of wind and current conditions.
Integrally molded ribs both top and bottom of these wheels makes them valuable dock and boat protection and formidable guards against impacts.

Part No. Description
95-072-F 12" Dock Wheel, Corner Mount, White
95-077-F 18" Dock Wheel, Corner Mount, White
95-078-F 9" Dock Wheel, Corner Mount, White