Portable Toilets

  • 2-section Portable Flush Toilet
  • Strong, durable construction
  • Bi-directional piston pump rinse
  • Leak and odour proof seal
  • Waste level indicator
  • Large fresh water capacity
  • 8L to 24L holding tank capacities
Part No. Description
DEF008002 SpaceSaver Passport 8 Litre Toilet, Grey
DEF120101 Passport 12 Litre Toilet, Grey
DEF248101 Visa 18 Litre Toilet
DEF268101 Visa 24 Litre Toilet

Toilet Care


Liquid Gold™

Keep your portable toilet clean and door free with these great products.

Part No. Description
DEFC10006B LIQUID GOLD™ Bowl & Tank Cleaner, 1L (33.8oz)
DEFL10006B LIQUID GOLD™ Deodorizer, 984ml (33.26oz)
DEFL5006B LIQUID GOLD™ Deodorizer, 494ml (16.7oz)
DEFP5006B LIQUID GOLD™ Deodorizer Crystals, 454gm (16oz)
DEFT6B LIQUID GOLD™ Rapid Dissolving Tissue, 2 pack, 1000 Sheets/Roll