Portable Toilets

  • 2-section Portable Flush Toilet
  • Strong, durable construction
  • Bi-directional piston pump rinse
  • Leak and odour proof seal
  • Waste level indicator
  • Large fresh water capacity
  • 8L to 24L holding tank capacities
Part No. Description
DEF008002 SpaceSaver Passport 8 Litre Toilet, Grey
DEF120101 Passport 12 Litre Toilet, Grey
DEF150101 Passport 18 Litre Toilet, Grey
DEF240101 Passport 24 Litre Toilet, Grey
DEF248101 Visa 18 Litre Toilet
DEF268101 Visa 24 Litre Toilet

Marine Toilets


All the features of our portable models PLUS

  • Fresh water AND waste level indicators
  • Permanent mount hold-down brackets
  • Positionable pump-out fitting with integral vent
Part No. Description
DEF308MSD Visa 8 Litre Toilet, MSD, Grey
DEF319MSD Visa 18 Litre Toilet, MSD, Grey

Toilet Care


Liquid Gold™

Keep your portable or marine toilet clean and door free with these great products.

Part No. Description
DEFC10006B LIQUID GOLD™ Bowl & Tank Cleaner, 1L (33.8oz)
DEFL10006B LIQUID GOLD™ Deodorizer, 984ml (33.26oz)
DEFL5006B LIQUID GOLD™ Deodorizer, 494ml (16.7oz)
DEFP5006B LIQUID GOLD™ Deodorizer Crystals, 454gm (16oz)
DEFT6B LIQUID GOLD™ Rapid Dissolving Tissue, 2 pack, 1000 Sheets/Roll